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Water Damage Restoration Services in North GA


ServiceMaster by Bailey is North Metro’s water mitigation and restoration one stop shop. When disaster hits, contact us immediately and our team of professionals will help guide you through the water mitigation and restoration process. Whether your house is flooding from a plumbing leak or your roof fails, we have you covered.

Our technicians will come out to your home immediately to begin assessing the damage and cleanup. From your hardwood floors and drywall to your upholstery and rugs, water can be one of the most destructive things to happen when you are least expecting it. Every moment you wait adds additional risk to your home.

What Causes Water Damage?

Emergency Water Damage


A water damage can be one of the most destructive situations you can face as a property owner. To save your structure and contents from serious damage, removing the water quickly is vital. ServiceMaster By Bailey has the manpower and equipment to handle any size job, CALL US ASAP. Certified crews will respond quickly and we absolutely have the experience to fix your problem fast. Water extraction and cleaning contents are first and foremost and wanting to start immediately is natural. However, improper or delayed actions can seriously jeopardize successful restoration.

The following emergency tips will help you until a professional can arrive.

As soon as possible…

  • locate and stop the source of water
  • Remove as much water as possible
  • Place blocks or plastic under furniture legs that rest on wet carpet
  • In the summer turn on the air conditioning
  • On hot dry days you can open windows
  • Remove area rugs from wet floors
  • On your ceilings punch small holes to release trapped water in sheet rock
  • Open cabinet drawers and doors to help dry
  • If dealing with contaminated water due to sewage or other items And you absolutely have to handle these items always wear personal protective equipment such as gloves boots and Eye protection.

Certified Restoration Technicians


During the claim process, you will be assigned a certified technician. Our experienced staff will implement a plan of action for your restoration claim. Your technician will work directly with your insurance company to ensure that all of the required authorizations are made properly on your behalf. Our technicians strive on promptly arriving to your property quickly and beginning the drying process. Using the best equipment and efficiently assisting you to getting back to normal is our goal.

Our 5 Step Restoration Process

  1. Inspect – Our certified technicians will use state-of-the-art equipment to inspect your property for damage, to identify the source of your water and to create a plan of action.
  1. Mitigate – Whether it’s a burst pipe, other plumbing issue or sudden flood a water damage will escalate quickly if not immediately addressed. Wood, carpet and other flooring types take a huge hit with water damage.
  2. Dehumidification – We have a wide range of dehumidifiers that extract moisture from the air that we can place in just about every environment. This will expedite the drying process.
  3. Evaporation Equipment such as air movers that are designed to direct large amounts of air any direction we choose will help evaporate the moisture quickly.
  4. Monitoring Our certified technicians will take atmospheric and moisture readings. This will indicate if the area is drying at the rate per our remediation plan. It will also let them know what adjustment if any needs to be made to expedite this process and avoid uncontrolled humidity levels.

ServiceMaster by Bailey is prepared to handle a job of any nature and any size. Our office and warehouse operate 24/7. ServiceMaster by Bailey has drying systems for walls and all types of floors. We have truck mounted extraction units, portable extraction units, and weighted extractors for any type of water removal project. Not only are we capable of drying your property, we are able to handle the drying, cleaning and storage of all contents involved. In addition we have over 70,000 ft.² of storage and climate controlled storage space on site at our office location here in Cherokee County Georgia.

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