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Residential Mold Remediation


Where can mold originate?

Mold can be found in many different areas in a home or place of business. These locations include basements, attics, bathrooms, kitchens and ceilings.  Mold typically occurs when there is an extensive amount of water moister not being properly taken care of. Mold can grow at a very rapid pace and spread within 48-72 hours.

It is important that you act fast and prevent the mold from spreading to the rest of the affected areas in your establishment. Not doing so can lead to health issues including asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues. Mold removal and remediation is not a project that you should attempt to handle on your own. Mold can be a hidden contaminate and can be found where the eye cannot see. For example, underneath the floorboards, or in between walls. Reaching out to a mold specialist will allow your home to be properly taken care of.

Our certified technicians observe and assess the damage to your home. If you are filing an insurance claim, this is the time where we would report our findings to your claim’s adjuster. Our certified technicians will then establish the extent of the mold and set up containment barriers to prevent contamination with the remainder of your home. Depending on the size of the growth, our technicians preform the appropriate mold clean up and remove any affected material. The affected area will then be sprayed with an antimicrobial spray to prevent future growth. Call ServiceMaster by Bailey and we will handle that headache for you!

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