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Improve the look of your home and extend the life of your carpet by hiring the pros at ServiceMaster by Bailey. Our professionally trained technicians will choose the best method to restore your carpet, even if your home has been affected by water or fire damage.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process Includes:

  • Identifying the fiber type and best cleaning methods
  • Locating and pre-treating any spots or stains
  • Applying a pre-treatment solution to break down dirt and soil
  • Using clear water, we rinse your carpets to remove the solution leaving it residue-free
  • If your stains do not lift, we will re-treat those areas
  • Realigning fibers by combing over and grooming the carpet
  • Applying carpet protectant (if you choose to add Scotchgard™ to your service)
  • Reposition furniture, excluding large pieces such as beds, dressers, pianos or entertainment centers (if you add contents moving to your service)
  • Add plastic under the legs of your furniture to prevent damage to the carpet

How to Prepare for Professional Carpet Cleaning:

  • Vacuum the floors
  • Remove knickknacks and fragile décor
  • Furniture in the room can be handled a few different ways:
    1. You can add on contents moving and we will move your furniture and replace it after we are done cleaning.
    2. You can move the furniture yourself.
    3. If you choose not to move your furniture, we will clean around it.

Why Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning vs. Doing it Yourself

  • Save Time
  • Rented or home carpet cleaning machines can overly wet your carpet and the carpet pad. This creates the perfect breeding environment for odors and mold to grow.
  • Prevent detergent residue that leaves your carpet feeling crunchy
  • Our trained technicians know the exact pressure to use to achieve the best result vs the light suction and pressure from rented or small carpet cleaning machines.
  • Store bought carpet cleaning solutions can only achieve a fraction of the cleaning that our high-quality products can.

How to Maintain Your Carpet Between Professional Cleanings:

  • Regularly vacuum
  • Treat spots and stains immediately after they happen
  • Use area rugs in high traffic areas
  • Keep outdoor areas clean to prevent dirt and debris from tracking indoors

Professional carpet cleaning in north Georgia is what we do. Take the day off and let the professionals at ServiceMaster by Bailey take care of your carpets for you. We also offer area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, hard surface cleaning and home cleaning services (including COVID disinfection). Save on travel costs by adding any of these services to your carpet cleaning appointment!

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