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Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

When disaster strikes, it is our goal to get you back to business faster with as little disruptions as possible. As a business owner or operations manager, it’s crucial to pre-plan and save our number (770-720-9533) to reduce initial risks that come with waiting even minutes after water damage occurs.

Our commercial water damage technicians are trained and ready 24/7 to help you mitigate and restore the area immediately. Act fast, contact us and save your facility from additional damages and costs.

Water Mitigation & Restoration Causes & Services Include:

  • Flood Water-A nearby hurricane or heavy rainstorms, especially for businesses in flood zones, can cause damage quickly.
  • Plumbing Leaks, Sewage Backups & Contaminated Water – Floods from clogged toilets are a health hazard to you and your employees. Bacteria and viruses in toxic solid waste can cause diseases and illnesses just from breathing or touching contaminated areas. We have the equipment and training to handle this for you.
  • Roof Leaks & Failures– The longer you wait to call us, your chances of having foundational or structural damage from a leaking roof will rise. Flat roofs that do not drain properly can collect water and cause ceilings to collapse. Older roofs or roofs missing shingles can cause water damage gradually over time due to reoccurring exposure to the elements.
  • Burst & Leaking Pipes – In Georgia, from November to February, freezing temperatures can mean flooding after pipes freeze and expand, causing them to burst under pressure.
  • Appliance Ruptures & Leaks– Appliances connected to water should be routinely checked for improper connections, ruptured hoses, or aging materials. Water damage under a break room refrigerator overtime can turn into a much bigger issue if unnoticed.
  • Fire Fighting Damage – After firefighters put out the flames with thousands of gallons of water, water damage restoration is also necessary. Likewise, your sprinkler system can go off in rooms unaffected by the fire, causing even more damage in areas you might not have considered. We’ll help assess and tackle this mess for you.
  • Drying & Dehumidification – Water damage can go unseen behind walls, beneath flooring or in your air ducts/HVAC system. Our professional drying and dehumidification equipment provide a thorough solution after standing water is removed.
  • Content & Document Drying– Soaked or humid damp paper items, like filing cabinets full of irreplaceable documents and paperwork, can be effectively dried and restored.
  • Upholstery, Rugs or Carpet Cleaning & Drying– We evaluate and salvage whatever we can plus we provide cleaning to restore your contents back to their original state.

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