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Commercial Fire & Smoke Restoration Services

If your business catches on fire, flames and smoke are not your only concern. Water from fighting the fire and sprinkler systems add additional damage to the building, electronics, documents and furniture.

Here’s how ServiceMaster by Bailey gets you back to business after a fire:

  • Initial inspection to check the structure of your building
  • Determining the type of fire and source
  • Assessing water damage from firefighting and sprinkler systems
  • If water damage is found, remediating those areas
  • Assessing smoke and soot damage
  • Removing items that you need to continue business remotely
  • Establishing plan of action to remove, store and clean electronic devices
  • Salvaging your inventory and machinery
  • Packout and managing contents at our storage facility (Cherokee Storage)

Structural damage restoration services include:

  • Charred insulation and burned wood removal
  • Carpet, floor and upholstery assessment, cleaning and contents pack out
  • Smoke odor removal
  • Surface cleaning
  • Returning packed contents and restored materials back to their original location

After the fire is out, smoke and soot penetrate and create a coating that changes the chemical composition of walls, ceilings, metals and fabrics. We provide smoke and soot odor removal services that restore those surfaces and prevent additional damage over time.

Leave it to the professionals

Attempting to restore your own facility can cause unnecessary damage to your building and health risks to you and your employees. We are here 24/7 and ready to dispatch our trained technicians to your location. Contact us immediately, right after you call 911.

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