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How To Prevent House Fires

By |2021-06-28T10:33:46+00:00December 7th, 2020|Fire Damage|

Advice on how to prevent house fires by north Georgia’s House Fire Restoration Service specialist. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in 2018 there were 1,318,500 fires reported in the United States. One home structure fire was reported every 86 seconds. Here is how you can prevent house fires. In addition to checking

Smoke Damage: How to File Insurance Claims

By |2021-06-28T10:58:36+00:00December 4th, 2020|Fire Damage|

How to File Smoke Damage Insurance Claims When a fire occurs, the first thing that you as a homeowner should do is immediately evacuate your home and call 911 to handle the fire. Once the fire is out and you have made sure that everyone is safe, you must turn your attention to dealing

Mold Remediation – 5 Step Process

By |2021-06-28T10:41:41+00:00December 4th, 2020|Mold Removal|

Before you learn more about mold remediation, it helps to make sure you know about mold. Mold is fungi found in the natural environment. Hundreds of thousands of mold species aid in decomposing nature’s debris and can be found floating harmlessly throughout the outdoor air. When mold latches onto moisture-rich areas indoors, however, mold

COVID-19 Disinfection & Decontamination

By |2021-06-23T06:36:08+00:00December 4th, 2020|COVID|

COVID-19 Disinfection Services for Businesses ServiceMaster by Bailey provides commercial and residential COVID-19 disinfection services to help the North Metro Atlanta area reopen and return to a safe living and working environment. Our 3-step process – Clean, Disinfect and Protect – offers the best approach for precautionary ongoing disinfection plans and post-exposure COVID emergency

Covid-19: What to Know

By |2021-06-28T11:00:13+00:00December 4th, 2020|Cleaning Services|

COVID-19: What is the Coronavirus? Here’s what you need to know about COVID-19.  Coronavirus 2019-nCoV (Coronavirus or COVID-19) is a respiratory virus first identified in Wuhan, China.   It is suspected of originating in a large animal and seafood market. Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, some of which affect humans while others affect

Hurricane Laura Disaster Relief

By |2021-06-28T10:38:39+00:00December 4th, 2020|Water Damage|

ServiceMaster by Bailey Travels to Louisiana for Hurricane Laura Disaster Relief The ServiceMaster by Bailey team traveled to help relieve Louisiana homeowners and businesses recovering from Hurricane Laura. During every hurricane season, we monitor the hurricane’s path and are ready to respond. We understand the urgency that comes with hurricane damage and we want

Hurricane Sally Storm Damage in Cherokee County

By |2021-07-27T18:50:05+00:00December 4th, 2020|Water Damage|

Bringing Hurricane Sally Restoration to Cherokee County Last week, Hurricane Sally made landfall and Georgia felt her effects. Sally eventually weakened into a Tropical Storm, but over 30 inches of rain were still reported while she continued inland.  With strong winds and heavy rains, Cherokee County residents saw varying extremes of hurricane damage. Each

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